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Joao Charepe

Vocal health coach
Living in Lisbon, Portugal
Roy Hart Voice Teacher since 2018

Feeling our voice is something wonderful. It is to live and to revive, to create and recreate, to give and to receive of ourselves, of others and things. A fantastic new world that opens its discovery every day and every moment. My approach is focused on you. On your needs and what you want to develop, bringing awareness and consciousness to your voice, body, mind and… soul. The field we create together is something magical, a wonderful moment that only happens once.

João likes to express himself artistically in different areas. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, he has developed recordings and shows from different musical strands. He organizes workshops and trainings for companies, schools, and associations. He works in vocal rehabilitation in the hospital and for ten years he was the director of Musicentro Music School. He loves to work as a vocal health coach with actors, singers, speakers, and artists from different areas and is the founder of his own artistic association — Vocaloide. João began his studies in vocal technique pursuing classical singing, followed by Jazz singing and E.V.T.S (Estill Voice Training System). He has practiced Martial Arts, as well as studied dance and Yoga. He is an animal production engineer and professional scuba diver.

Has trained with Pascale Ben, Kaya Anderson, Saule Ryan, Ian Magilton, Carol Mendelsohn
Teaches in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Youtube videos

Mr. -“Soul portrait” / “Portrait de l’âme”:

Mr. – “Dancing lights” / Lumières dansantes:

João Charepe: “Maybe one day” / peut-être un jour:

Vocaloide – “Ronda dos braços quebrados” / Broken arms round / Rond bras cassé by José Régio:

Vocaloide – Performance “Os espelhos” / The mirrors / les miroirs – Palácio dos Aciprestes

Tshaikah Trio – Roy Hart Impro group

Articles, blog, books, CDs, DVDs, videos

Vocaloide Blog / Articles related to voice development


E-mail: jcharepe@gmail.com
Vocaloide / Voice Classes: www.vocaloide.com
João Charepe Bio / All the informations about his studies and performances: http://jcharepe.wixsite.com/jcharepebioen
Mr. / Voice and piano: https://jcharepe.wixsite.com/mister