• Voicing/Tracing (Com_Posing) (Module1) (Canceled)

    Directed by Susanne WEINS & Saso VOLLMAIER

    Hours:64 h (9h30-12h30 & 14h-17h)+ 4 h online supervising developed material
    Price:1056 €
    Workshop Code:B0404VT
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Following a year of revision Susanne Weins and Saso Vollmaier, are following up their deepening programme of artistic, performative and teaching practice and theory for voice, presence, and  performance work for advanced students, in the Alfred Wolfsohn/ Roy Hart tradition. In this program the aspect of com-position will be the focus through listening, expressing, and bringing artistic impulses to a conclusion in musical form. Movement and space will be the guiding principles for in-, and ex-ploration. The content of the preceding advanced work remains as described below.

Researching the roots of voice and listening with:
– Links to Alfred Wolfsohn for the expression of imprinted per-sonality as the original creative drive.
– Listening tools linked to Marita Günther’s teaching and her interpretation of Alfred Wolfsohn’s approach.
– The depth and dimension of the voice, extended in range (horizontal) and in human depth (vertical), through listening to the voice,  based on the conference ‘Momentum’ S.Weins Cologne 2013.

Approaching the voice in personal presence and contemporary performance:

  • Voice, impulse, and development.
  • Voice colours, timbres, dimensions, and flexibility.
  • Voice in and outside the active body.
  • Voice in musical dialogues, imaginative processes, and other inspirational processes
  • Voice leading to awareness of the sources of personal creation.
  • Dialogue as a general source for bringing human expression into an appreciative aesthetic context.

Another approach to the body, movement, grounding (support system)/ F.M. Alexandertechnik, and the dimensions of space/ Performing Arts :

  • Learning about body and mind in theory and practice, such as vital breathing in movement.
  • F.M. Alexander technique and other voice/body performance tools. For example: What is support and how to use it?

Towards :

  • full body resonance and sound present in space.
  • opening the mind to the magical moments of synchronization and expression.
  • developing your own evaluation of creation and sharing.
  • presenting work in space/time/dynamics/colour/form/flexibility.
  • using the voice and the body as performance tools.

Piano as a main instrument in the voice work/ analog tool

  • Piano offers numerous colours and options to extend the voice (and the opposite). What is the relationship between those two lines? How they can coexist and create an inspiring relationship?
  • The use of analogue/digital tools for sounds that cannot be produced by voice or piano,
    so-called soundscapes which are developed during the artistic process.
    ⁃ Looking for sound extremes in both directions
    ⁃ Researching the power of dynamics, pauses, phrases, and repetition.
    ⁃ opening the field to musical impulses and learning how to position them in composition

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their own personal and artistic gesture/ voice throughout the process of the program (through observing, teaching, and performative skills).

Each period Sašo Vollmaier offers 10 hours of piano training as deepening study, with the main theme  ”the approach to the voice with the piano”.

*The term VOICING/TRACING has been positioned very intentionally between the two central artistic means of expression that are voice and movement. It will be developed and supported in dialogue with other artistic traces (movement, objects, space, and instruments).

1st intensive week (body, voice, emotion)

• Practical theme: listening, voice, breathing, dialogues, voice exploration, teaching piano for voice work
• Personal theme of each participant
• Practical theme: movement, musical parameters, performance tools

• Practical theme: Philosophy of unexpected scenarios in creation
• Teaching piano for voice work


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