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  • Authenticity
  • Expression
  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Connexion

Anne Polombo / Anhaya

Pianist, Singer, Actress
State-qualified piano teacher.
Living in Bordeaux (France)

For me, the voice is where all the other paths meet: by surrendering to it, we find ourselves. It is the crossroad between artistic work and spiritual quest, the therapeutic path and the path of self-discovery. Voice work only exists in the present moment. Finding the authenticity of being and freedom at the heart of a demanding practice of classical music and theater is what the encounter with the Roy Hart Theatre allowed me to do.

Anne Polombo is a State-Qualified pianist and a piano teacher at the Arcachon Conservatory in France. She followed the professional training for actors at the Théâtre en Miettes in Bordeaux, directed an adult choir for four years, and met with the Roy Hart Theatre in 2013, whose authentic and open approach touched her. Since then, she has been deepening her work on voice and body through collaborations that are multiplying in France and abroad, and developing her own creations. For her, this work is first and foremost a means to connect, both to our intimate world, and to the others.

She is bilingual in French and English.


E-mail: contact@anhaya.com
Website: https://www.anhaya.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anhayasongs

CD: 1st album
Anhaya: On the Path to Freedom

Creation: Spectacle musical Le Temps d’un Accord