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  • Improvisation
  • Text
  • Music
  • Movement

Mathilde Polizzy

Piano/vocal teacher and student in lyrical singing at CRR of Paris 6.
Living in Paris, France

“La voix est la musique de l’âme » Barbara”.

My work focuses on the singing voice. I want to help the trainee to develop his/her vocal qualities through the liberation of the body, breath control and stage performance. Together we will explore the colours and sensitivities of each voice to bring out the best of its identity.
With the help of musical, I can also accompany the trainee on the piano. This will lead to a greater freedom of interpretation.

I’m fluent in French and Italian and I have some basic English.

Mathilde entered the piano class at the CRR of Montpellier at the age of 6. She continued her studies in a musically adapted class until she obtained her TMD (Technique of music and dance) baccalaureate. The same year she validated her CEM in piano in Pascal Jourdan’s class as well as her CEM in solfeggio and deciphering.

At the same time, she took various theatre courses and joined the forum theatre company Desiderata as an actress for a short period.

In 2016 she decided to start training in opera singing and joined Lea Pasquel’s class (at the CRR of Montpellier), who will be her teacher until 2021 when Mathilde moves to Paris and continues her training with Xavier Le Maréchal at the CRR Jean-Philippe Rameau.

She participates in workshops, in the Musicalta summer academy in Rouffach and in July 2021 in the week-long masterclass with the singer Jeanne Piland. She practices choral singing and performs for several years with the Conspectus vocal ensemble and the Montpellier Conservatory.

With Flavio Polizzy she performed as pianist and singer in the creation: “L’arbre, la rose et l’amour”.

Used to giving private singing and piano lessons, she will have the happy experience of accompanying Flavio Polizzy’s and Renata Roagna’s workshops as a pianist at “Casavoce scène de la voix” and the Roy Hart theatre several times.