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Artistic Residences

The Château de Malérargues, founded by the Roy Hart Theatre, is a beautiful place for exchanges, learning, teaching and creation. Now the Roy Hart International Art Center, it welcomes artists, students, educators, and the curious from all over the world, who come to find unique approaches to the voice, body, movement and psychology, which may be used not only in the field of performing arts but also in everyday life. The teaching is diverse, but rooted in the philosophies of Roy Hart Theatre, which accepts that there is a profound connection between a person’s voice and their psyche and where all voices are valued. The Centre organizes workshops and activities of its members throughout the year, and also welcomes artists and companies-in-residence.

The programme of residences does not have the financial resources known in other Art Centres. However any member of the association interested in spending some time outside of workshops in Malerargues to work on an artistic project or with a Roy Hart Voice teacher is welcome to present their project in writing to the ArtCom, who will then discuss the possibility and the conditions of a residency. Each project will have its own criteria of support. These residencies are depending on the availability of space. Accomodation will not be covered by the Centre. The ArtCom has a small budget to support projects that we consider stimulating and valuable for the artistic life of the CAIRH.

The Centre is recognised by French cultural and education ministries for funded projects. For more information: e-mail us at

Malérargues Facilities

The Centre organizes workshops and activities of its own all year round. The facilities consist of:

  • A 100 seat theatre
  • 2 other large studios suitable for movement and dance.
  • 4 medium studios suitable for individual and small group work. All studios have pianos.
  • 7 apartments (2 with pianos)
  • Shared accommodation for up to 18 persons with bathroom and kitchen facilities.
  • A main kitchen capable of preparing meals for up to 60 persons.
  • A large conference room for up to 40 persons.
  • 2 library/studies.
  • 2 outdoor performing spaces.
  • Gardens and acres of forest and forest paths to wander in.

Art Com

The Artistic Committee takes care of and fosters the development of the artistic activity in Malerargues. At present it consists of three members: Linda Wise, Marianne Le Tron and Christiane Hommelsheim.

Every year we curate the summer program of performances. This year we would like to distinguish between two formats of presentations: Performances with Box Office and what was named by Louise Debrusses some years ago as “Attention Travaux!”
All Performances with Box Office must have been seen and recommended by one of us as suitable to represent the artistic landscape of the CAIRH to the general public. 

The format “Attention Travaux” is the platform for public presentations of new performances, work in progress presentations, lecture/ demonstrations and all other kinds of ideas and forms. Anyone who would like to present artistic work in Malerargues is welcome to contact us.

For questions concerning the Artistic Committee, contact Linda Wise: