• FREE Class in choral singing: the “49ers Choir”

    Directed by Stephen Rivers-Moore

    Level:Open to all
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Would you like to be part of the 49ers Choir ?
Would you like to sing some spirituals in four parts (SATB), and experience what it means to sing in perfect harmony with others, to use your voices to express the varied emotions (joy and sadness, hope and gratitude) contained in this deep rooted and traditional music ?

This group will exist only during the 50th Anniversary week, and the aim of the class is to work towards creating beautiful music, bringing to life choral harmonisations of songs such as: ‘Go Down Moses’, ‘Peter go Ring dem Bells’, ‘Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho’, and more…

There will be five choral sessions (each of 2 hours) on five successive afternoons of the Anniversary week. They will be be free of charge and are open to all.

There will be room for a maximum of (wait for it)… 49 participants, and we would especially welcome participants who have past experience of choral singing or of classical music making. There will be no obligation to attend all five classes if you are unable to take part every day.

Please note that all participants will be asked to study the pieces in advance, in order that the least possible time is spent on learning the notes during the classes, and a maximum time is spent on interpretation and on enjoying the music…
Scores and audio recordings of each voice (SATB) for each of the songs, are now available.

If you would like to be part of this project, then send your name now to Stephen Rivers-Moore, at this address… sriversmoore@gmail.com
Stephen will then be able to give you any additional information that you might need, and will send you sheet music and audio files according to your requirements.

Language of instruction: English with French translation if necessary

Dates and times:
From June 26 to 30, 2024, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. every day


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    Would you like accommodation in Malérargues during the workshop?
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    22 euros per night, 27 euros with heating.

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    Students are accommodated in simple but comfortable shared rooms with two, three or four beds, shared bathrooms and two fully-equipped kitchens. Sheets and blankets are provided.

    You will find photos of the accommodation HERE

    Please note:
    1) we do not have single, private room
    2) we do not make or take reservations for participants lodging outside the Centre
    3) for residencies and longer stays it may be possible to rent appartments in the Château – these too also get booked early for the summer. More info HERE


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    Participation is FREE of charge and there is no fee to attend.

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    La Salindre / Soudorgues (8 km from the Centre)
    Tansen R. Mundt, Maria Bernhold – Tel. (+33) 4 66 85 23 51 / www.lasalindre.eu

    Gîte rural Calviac / (3 km from the Centre)
    Mr Jacques SOULIER – Tel : (+33)  06 77 79 59 11

    “Au Ruisseau de Rose” (Chambres d’hôtes) St Jean du Gard (10 km from the Centre)
    Tel : (+33) 4 66 54 51 07  / www.ruisseauderose.fr

    “La Cure” Gite d’étape/ Lasalle (5 km from the Centre)
    Tel : (+33) 6 30 47 82 62

    Gîtes du Mas de Clarou / Lasalle (5 km from the Centre)
    Tel : 07 86 27 03 12 /https://www.lasalle.fr/structures/les-gites-du-mas-de-clarou

    Gîtes / Lasalle (5 km from the Centre) / https://www.lasalle.fr/hebergement

    Gîtes Saint-Jean du Gard (12 km from the Centre) / https://www.gites.fr/gites_saint-jean-du-gard_12444.html

    Village de gîtes Ravel (14 km from the Centre) Tel: +33 6 87 69 01 63 https://www.village-de-gites-ravel.fr/


    Filament (2 km)
    Tél: (+33) 4 66 85 20 52

    La Salendrinque (Lasalle 4 km)
    Tél: (+33) 4 66 85 24 57 / fax (+33) 4 66 85 41 50

    Le Campement (3 km) Calviac
    Tél. (+33) 4 66 85 13 58

    Les Hauts de Labahou, RD907, 30140 Anduze
    Tél : (+33) 04 66 61 77 90 / 06 03 93 38 88

    Sourire du Sud’ (mini camping et gîtes)
    Tél (+33) 06 79 99 98 85