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  • Listening
  • Empathy
  • Encouragement
  • Deep breathing

Rowena Meenderman

Massage and relaxation therapist, child massage practitioner, teacher
Lives in Dworp, Belgium

Singing for me is a way to get in touch with your soul, to express freely who you really are. Gerda Boyesen’s biodynamic massage and relaxation techniques, based on Wilhelm Reich’s body and mind philosophy, are a wonderful tool to achieve that. I work with people individually to help them release their physical blockages, stress and painful early child memories (if they arise) so they can get back in touch with their real self. I also teach them how to use relaxation and stress management techniques for themselves.

Rowena Meenderman is Dutch. She studied at the Institute of biodynamic psychology in Amsterdam. She works as a biodynamic massage therapist with adults and adolescents, teaches massage classes and relaxation techniques. She did additional training with Touching Child Care and Happy Kids Massage to work with young children and their parents. She teaches kindergarten and primary schools teachers how to introduce massage in the classroom. She also teaches young students who are going to work with babies and young children. Rowena is also a jazz singer and sang from a very young age in a choir, the school band and later performed regularly for four years with a big band and a combo.

She teaches in Dutch, English and French.


E-mail: rowena@meenderman.be
Website: www.rowenameenderman.be
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