Three Women

by Clara Silber Harris

Three Women, was created with the wish to engage with very different female energies that could be interpreted in text, sound and movement : a wish to return to some of the rawer physicality of early Roy Hart Theatre performances.

Elements of the possible motivations in life of the mythological characters of Clytemnestra and Antigone and the terrorist, Gudrun Ensslin, are intertwined in text and song, drawing out their hopes and fears, the light and the dark sides of each of them.

In the second part of the piece, these three characters are interpreted in a modern context through three of Edward Hopper’s paintings of women. New stories written by Clara give these theatrical paintings a different perspective.

“to imprison the imagination is murder” attributed to Gudrun Ensslin.


Malérargues : 2014 and 2015
Atelier Performative Künste, Düsseldorf : 23rd April 2016