Releasing ourselves from the spell of capitalism

Performance of a politico-magical ritual

Maryline Guitton

Date / Time / Place
Saturday, August 22nd, 9 p.m. at the Château de Malérargues, Thoiras

30-40 minutes

In the book La Sorcellerie Capitaliste, sociologists Philippe Pignarre and Isabelle Stengers consider capitalism as a form of black magic. To free oneself from it, the usual paths are not enough. We must create rituals. In this work-in-progress presentation, we will explain how capitalism can be understood as a witchcraft system. And together we will carry out a white magic ritual, inviting us to imagine and give life to the world of our dreams, a world which respects life.

Naomi Klein, No logo, Actes Sud
Joanna Macy et Molly Young Brown, Ecopsychologie pratique et rituels pour la terre, Le Souffle d‘or
Philippe Pignarre, Isabelle Stengers, La sorcellerie capitaliste, La Découverte
Starhawk, Rêver l‘obscur, Cambourakis

Maryline Guitton,

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