Il faut manger by Howard Barker

Theatre- Bilingual performance accessible to both French and English speakers.

With Johannes Theron and Laurent Stéphan. Directed by Saule Ryan

Date / Time / Place
July 16th at 9PM, at the château de Malérargues, Thoiras

12€ full price
10€ reduced price

The food taster brings the King his dinner. Convinced that they want to poison him, Charles VII of France, has refused to eat for several months… A short play by Howard Barker, one of the most original voices in contemporary English theatre. Two actors. Two characters. The actors perform the play in French and then change roles to perform it in English.

With thanks to the translator of this text, Elisabeth Angel-Perez, who shared the English text with us before its actual publication.  

Contact & Booking:
Art’com 09 67 07 03 70
Tickets available on site 30 minutes before the show.

Spectacle "Il faut manger by Howard Barker"