Dance-music-voice performance by Mathilde Fabre, Pierre Lassailly et Marianne Le Tron
July 16th, 2015, La Orangerie

A traditional Inuit tale, performed with movement, music and voice, by the trio Mathilde Fabre, Pierre Lassailly, and Marianne Le Tron ( Cairh’s member).
In this story we accompany SEDNA, the Skeleton Girl on a shamanic journey of transformation and reconciliation. The Shaman ANGAKOK guides us to the echos of the “l’os du coeur” (“the bone of the heart”) the place where our interior union gains force and vigor, where voice takes body and soul. The meeting and crossing of voice, body and instruments give flesh to this story carried since the beginning of time by whispers into the human ear. Life – death – rebirth.