Multidisciplinary theatre by Suzanne Lafontaine
July 15th, 9 pm, La Magnanerie

I am very moved to present “Danse avec l’ombre” in Malérargues. It is because of the Roy Hart work, that I have been doing for more than 20 years, because of the teachers who gave me a great deal, because of these magical Cévennes, in summary, because of this marvellous and stimulating artistic and human community, that, at last, I could create this personal piece, in the way I wanted to do it. For a long time now, I imagined an open form in which words, music, body and singing would organically interact with each other, without a plan. To let each scene choose its frame, from the desires of the voice, body and words. This creation is intimate and tells parts of my story, starting from the death of my lover, five years ago. As a starting point, this quote from Karen Blixen: “Grief is bearable if turned into a story”. This creation is really close to me, all in simplicity. This is who I am, what I experienced and the best I can offer you. I hope this piece will touch and inspire you. And, I will be very happy to receive your comments after the show and to discuss with you.