Hélène Asso

Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Hélène Asso is a music therapist and psychotherapist.

It was during her training in music therapy (1989) with the Atelier de Musicothérapie de Bordeaux that she first encountered the Roy Hart Centre’s voice work.

As a music therapist (1991-2009), she uses voice as a preferred support in helping people, whether in psychiatry (adult and child) or with people suffering from serious pathologies.

Hélène then trained in psychosomatics and, in 2013, completed a diploma in “Relaxation therapies and body mediation” awarded by the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine.

In parallel with her professional career, she is involved in civic and ecological associations and pursues an amateur artistic practice in singing, dance and theater.

Since 2015, Hélène has been increasingly involved in the Roy Hart Centre’s activities, volunteering her time in particular to compile grant applications.

She is currently enrolled in the Roy Hart voice teacher training program.

Hélène joined the Board of Directors and was appointed Treasurer in March 2024.