• Vocal Technique and Song Interpretation

    Directed by Maryline Guitton

    Organized by:Maryline Guitton (Independent Teacher)
    Dates:Every Tuesday
    Place:Paris, France
    Price:trimester (12 sessions): 420€ full price / 348€ reduced price. 1 session 50€
    Level:Open to all

Please note all workshops outside of Malérargues are organized independently of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Song & Interpretation, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
Weekly class on Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm, with collective warm-up and individual work on the song of your choice.

Studio Bleu, Salle Adler, 20 rue de l’Echiquer, M° Strasbourg Saint-Denis

We will work on vocal techniques to allow you to sing songs with pleasure and freedom. Basic aspects of vocal technique include breathing, voice placement, singing in tune, rhythm, power of voice, but also subtle aspects such as timbre, nuances, bridge(s), interpretation, welcoming emotions, relating to the audience, to the music and specific techniques related to microphone.

Program: collective warm-up with breathing exercises, relaxation, posture and vocalizations during which you will be accompanied by the piano. Then you will sing individually the song of your choice, acoustically or with the microphone, a cappella or karaoke, or accompanying yourself if you play an instrument.

Choice of repertoire: each participant sings the song of their choice. We help you choose a repertoire that is not too easy or too difficult… We seek a balance between challenge and fun! If you wish to work from your own compositions, it is welcome.

Workshop for all levels, from beginners to professionals of the performing arts. No prerequisites except your involvement. Each school year is divided into 3 terms. Registrations are made by trimester. At the end of the year, in June, participants are invited to present their work at a festive event open to their family and friends.

Booking Information and Contact:
Maryline Guitton +33 (0)6 63 10 00 83
Plus d’infos sur https://marylineguitton.fr/pedagogie/ateliers/