Olivier Philippson

« Voilà quelques années que Pascale et moi travaillons ensemble, et je trouve toujours autant de plaisir à apporter de la musique dans les stages de pratique vocale. Accompagner chacun-chacune, à la guitare ou à l’accordéon, est une aventure toujours nouvelle, et c’est avec beaucoup de joie que j’envisage cette semaine.»

Born in 1977, he first learned classical guitar and then devoted himself to the chromatic accordion. First self-taught, he later took classes at the conservatory of Tulle in 2011-2012 with Alexandre Juan,and regularly participates in internships at the CNIMA (Saint-Sauves d’Auvergne, 63).

In 2010, he met Pascale Ben, actress, singer, member and professor of the Roy Hart Theatre. With Pascale, Olivier learns to shape his voice, and they subsequently work together to create concerts/presentations of French songs.

Since 2013 he works sometimes solo, sometimes with other musicians to create shows inspired by French songs, folk music, songs to dance. He includes personal compositions and has also taken part in theatre productions and shows which include music with the reading of texts.