The Singer or the Song

Paul Silber sings accompanied by Saso Vollmaier

In their latest concert, Paul Silber and Saso Vollmaier put new life into many of the old favourites from the ballads and Blues collection.

Paul Silber’s 50 years of voice work with the Roy Hart Theatre, where range and colour are extensively explored, have allowed him to reapproach these great standards with added verve and heartfullness.

Paul Silber and Saso Vollmaier’s collaboration is one of fine tuning with lots of listening and great love for the songs and their performers.

Numbers include « Fly me to the Moon », « Blues in the Night », « Cry me a River » and many others…

As one press article said of a previous concert « Paul Silber could teach the contestants of « The Voice » a thing or two. »

As he has demonstrated in all his previous concerts with Saso, Paul has been « with himself with simplicity and heart » to create an inspiring event.

Musical direction : Clara Silber Harris


Malérargues 27th July 2016
Spazio Seme, Arezzo, Italy: 14th February 2016
Atelier Performative Künste, Düsseldorf: 23rd April 2016