The Lost Voice

Juliette Flipo

Date, Time, Place:
Sunday 26th May, 8 PM, Magnanerie, Malérargues

40-45 minutes

Short description
How to hear what has fallen silent ? How to touch what no longer exists?
The story of Pascal Quignard begins with a macabre scene: a brutal coach accident leaves Jean, the son, the child, whatever his age, an orphan. The scene haunts him, especially the voice of his dying mother. He wanders … in search of a lost voice, of the ‘formerly’ that irresistibly captures us.
With the help of my voice, an electric harp and the words of Pascal Quignard, I venture to listen to this lost voice, the primitive matrix from which we come, of this other world at the edge of which we live.

Artistic collaboration Jean-Claude Fonkenel