The lost Voice

Musical tale based on a story by Pascal Quignard

Juliette Flipo

Date / Time:
Aug, 6th 9PM, at the château of  Malérargues, Thoiras 

12€ full price
10€ reduced price

Pascal Quignard’s tale begins with a tragic accident that makes the young man Jean an orphan. The scene haunts him, especially the voice of his lost mother. He wanders… in search of this voice, of the past that irresistibly draws us in. With the help of her voice, an electric harp and the words of Pascal Quignard, Juliette Flipo ventures behind him to listen to the lost voice, to the primitive matrix from which we come, to this other world on the edge of which we live.

Artistic collaboration : Jean-Claude Fonkenel et Stella Cerioni
Costume: Sophie Hampe


Contact / Reservations:
Art’com 09 67 07 03 70
Tickets on site 30 minutes before the show