Siobhán McCann

Member of the Board of Directors

Siobhán is an executive coach, consultant, teacher, and student of voice. Born in Ireland and based in Montreal, Siobhán’s cross-cultural professional experience was cultivated in Europe and Russia, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, in the fields of neuroscience, academia, architecture & design, film, media, the arts, investment banking, management consulting and a variety of other industries, prior to pivoting into executive development.

She graduated with Honours from the National University of Ireland and pursued further studies at the Université de Toulouse, France; McGill University, Montreal, Canada; and University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Siobhán is an active member of the international Reinventing Work movement for more human workplaces and progressive ways of working.

She first encountered the work of Alfred Wolfsohn, Roy Hart, and the Roy Hart Theatre in 2010, under the tutelage of founding members Ivan Midderigh and Penelope Kreitzer and was drawn not only to the work, but by the remarkable presence embodied by those who had consecrated their lives to it. She subsequently worked with many others both within and outside the studios as a teacher, student, annual Springtern, and volunteer in various capacities.

Since her first voice lesson in Malérargues in 2016, Siobhán has been unconditionally committed to the work, the history, the place, the future, and the people of Malérargues.

As a guest teacher at the CAIRH she joined the Association in the Spring of 2021 and was elected to the CAIRH Board of Directors in November of the same year.