Maryline Guitton

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Maryline is a singer, performer and voice teacher. Before becoming an artist and teacher, she obtained a Master’s degree in Religious Studies (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes) and worked as a journalist specialising in and worked as a journalist specialising in religious affairs. She did volunteer work in different associations for many years, in arts (Cineclub at University Paris Sorbonne), ecology (AMAP) and spirituality (Shambhala, Amma).

She experienced the Roy Hart Centre voice work in 2003 and it changed her life. She started working with Pantheatre in Paris and later took many workshops with various teachers at Malérargues. She followed a pedagogical training and in 2012 became a teacher affiliated to the Roy Hart Centre.
Soon after she arrived in Malérargues, she started volunteering: in the kitchen, in the administration with Béatrice David, and mostly working on writing and translation for the website. She has been the CAIRH website coordinator since 2018. She entered the Conseil d’Administration in 2019 and is Treasurer of the association since December 2021.