Commission a personalized quilt and support our fundraising campaign

We invite you to support the Centre’s Fundraising Campaign for the preservation of the archives by commissioning a personalized, hand-made work of art.

The textile artist M’Anne (Anne Pernell) is currently receiving orders for a new series of quilted wall hangings. You can send the artist personal photos as a reference for your quilt’s design, or you can choose photos from Ivan Midderigh’s Photographic Archives.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to The Archives Fundraising Campaign of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart, and 50% to Rumbos Voice Studio’s Rosalie Scholarship to support voice students from Latin America.

Prices range from $300-600 USD + shipping, depending on the complexity and size of the design. The quilts are made from recycled fabric. Payment plans are possible.

If you’ve already made a donation to the Fundraising Campaign, and would like to commission a quilt, we can credit some or all of your previous payment towards your purchase.

Contact @quilts_by_manne on Instagram with the message “I want to support The CAIRH Archives Fundraising Campaign” to get started!