• Your own voice on the threshold to music

    Directed by Walli Höfinger & Christiane Hommelsheim

    Dates:12.02.2019 - 17.02.2019
    Place:Reichenow, close to Berlin

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Improvisation, Vocal Exploration
Workshop Description: REICHENOW BEI BERLIN / February 12 – 17 2019

This workshop is the first of two intensive workshops of each 6 days we will offer in 2018.

Participation in only one of these 2 workshops costs 640, – Euro.
When participating in several workshops, the price is staggered as follows:
1st workshop: 640 euros
2nd workshop: 560 Euro
1 workshop costs 640
2 workshops cost 1200

Accommodation in single room with shared kitchen and bathroom/shower is included in all the prices.

It is on application mostly for people who have already worked with us.
In each workshop the last day will be dedicated to finding form and performance!

The dates are:
February 12 – 17 2019
November 19 – 24 2019

Booking Information and Contact: