• Workshop Writing and Voice

    Directed by Catherine Bédarida & Walli Höfinger

    Dates:03.04.2021 - 05.04.2021
    Place:Paris, France
    Price:325 €
    Level:Open to all

Creation, Improvisation, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
Writing and Voice Workshop Paris: Three days to explore the links between writing and voice, to feel how sounds and words complement, nourish and liberate each other to foster creativity.

Over the three days, you will progress step by step in the exploration of your writing and voice, the reunion with yourself, the experience of creation. You listen to the stories your voices tell, familiar or strange, known or new. Precise and varied proposals, designed to make it easier for you to come to writing, allow you to compose your texts, by inventing and exercising your literary creativity, in the benevolent solidarity of the group.

The course is open to all, whatever your experience.
Led by Catherine Bédarida and Walli Höfinger (artist, voice teacher, Roy Hart method; lives and works in Berlin).
From saturday 3 April to Monday 5 April 2021, 10am-7pm (end of course: Monday 6pm).
Place: Paris 11th.

Booking Information and Contact:
Catherine Bédarida

To register, download the Registration form for the Easter 2021 Writing and Voice Workshop or send a request to info@leboutdelalangue.com
Deposit to be paid: 140€, by cheque payable to the association Le Bout de la langue, 116 Bd de Belleville. 75020 Paris.
In case of withdrawal before 12 March 2021, the deposit will be reimbursed minus 25€ for administrative costs; beyond this date, the deposit is forfeited.