• Voice and movement

    BERN, Switzerland

    Marianne Le Tron & Catarina Ascensao
    Dates:06.01.17 - 08.01.17
    Level:open to all
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6.-8. January 2017
Marianne Le Tron & Catarina Ascensao

We offer 3 courses open to amateur and professional artists, and anyone motivated
voice work, and willing to deepen its vocal expression.

From various vocal and physical exercises, trainings and improvisations by
approach “Roy Hart Theatre”, we invite everyone to discover and develop “his” voice.
The work will be adapted to the level of each participant, who will have the opportunity to work on a personal material: song – text – poetry – story – improvisation etc.
The courses will be conducted in the spirit of adventure and friendliness, with collective work and a custom followed.

REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION: An Chen Tel. : +41 (0) 32 389-5623