• Voice and sensoriality

    Directed by Véronique Thomas and Laurent Stéphan

    Organized by:Véronique Thomas and Laurent Stéphan
    Dates:27.04.2024 -01.05.2024
    Place:Close to Rennes (Bretagne -France)
    Price:430 € (reduced price 400 €)
    Level:Open to all

Please note all workshops outside of Malérargues are organized independently of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Workshop Description:
Discover your senses associated with the voice!

– Free your body, breath, the textures of your voice
– Experience bodily relaxation, self-awareness, inner listening and global listening
– Stimulate your senses in depth and use these feelings to play with your voice, tell, express your depth.
– Dare to sing your inner music, the one that touches the body, the soul, the one that expresses your emotions and speaks about who you really are
– Tame your presence, your anchoring, your expression when you sing
– Invent new voice paths to meet yourselves and others and weave together vocal atmospheres
– Gain confidence, ease, presence
– Keeping connected with sensations, go deeper in your feelings and integrate them into the singing

This course will include general Roy Hart approach (breathing exercises, physical and vocal warm-up, vocal games, exploration of the many possibilities of the voice) as well as more specific working moments dedicated to:
– Voice and gaze
– Voice and inner listening, global listening
– Voice and touch (through massages)
– Voices, perfumes and smells: the taste of sounds

There will also be Voice journeys and a work on a personal song that you have learned by heart

More informations:
Hours: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., i.e. 6 hours a day (24 hours in total)

Provide a gym mat and flexible and comfortable clothing (slippers or socks for the parquet floor). Please bring a song you want to work with and know at least two verses of it by heart.

On-site accommodation recommended: dormitory at €22/night, but there are other options (tent, truck…). Communal kitchen available.

The Roy Hart Theater approach to singing is physical and stimulating.
This work is at the crossroads of vocal technique, personal development, expression and theatrical performance. It concerns singers, actors, teachers, but also all those who want to think outside of the box, develop confidence and self-esteem and discover their voice. Without judgment or competition, everyone advances at their own pace, supported by the group.

Booking Information and Contact:
Véronique Thomas :
Tel: par téléphone
Mail: veronique63.thomas@gmail.com

Your registration is only final upon receipt of a deposit check of €100.