• Voice and movement workshop

    Directed by Zwaan de Vries

    Dates:21.05.2022 - 22.05.2022
    Place:Paris, France
    Price:240 € / 170 € solidarity rate
    Level:Open to all

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Improvisation, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
Join us in an exploration to the heart of your voice!
The journey will be accompanied by movement :
Dance and voice will mingle all along, feeding on what will be present in the moment, in the connection to yourself (your sensations, your emotions), and in the connection with the other trainees.
These two days will allow you to develop your vocal potential and deepen the quality of your listening to yourself and others.
All that, in a creative energy that will nourish you deeply!

• Breathing exercises, body and vocal warm-up
• Collective explorations in voice and dance
• Vocal, dance, theatrical improvisation
• Individual work

This course will be based on the approach of Roy Hart’s voice work, associated with the practice of movement and expressive dance.
In Roy Hart workshops you explore your voice deeply and intensely. Your whole being can participate: body, mind, soul and emotions… It is your voice, your sound, which is the starting point, and your singing becomes the expression of your being.
In Zwaan’s workshop you will dive into the fundamental elements of Roy Hart Theatre voice work, supported by movement and Dansexpressie.
Dance expression is the dancer’s unique and improvised dance, based on themes that are proposed to him and nourish his inspiration («danspiration»).
Dance is not demonstrated, but shaped by yourself while dancing, regardless of your physical abilities. Music, silence, voice, and sounds are used to stimulate the creative process.

Saturday and Sunday From 10am to 6pm – 1h30 lunch break.
12 hours of teaching

Booking Information and Contact:
Marion Frotin