• The Human Voice: its roots and its power as an instrument of expression

    Directed by Kevin Crawford, Delphina Fabbrini & Caroline Boersma

    Dates:07.06.2019 - 09.06.2019
    Place:Florence, Italy
    Level:Open to all

Human Voice, Improvisation, Music & Composition, Theater & Textwork, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
This three-day workshop is an opportunity to extend our voices using a variety of stimuli. Group work will alternate with moments of individual attention. On the first day, Kevin Crawford will guide the participants to dive into vocal expression rooted in the body and the imagination. Day two, with the collaboration of Delphina Fabbrini, sees us amplify our vocal presence and introduces rhythmic elements that allow us to expand both our internal and spatial sense of sound. On day three, Caroline Boersma joins us to further our musical sensitivity, and find meeting points between text and music, song and sound exploration. Throughout the workshop Kevin will follow each participant’s development, encouraging us to delve deeper into our own vocal material, and its expression, be it through sheer sound, text or song.

Booking Information and Contact:
Delphina Fabbrini

Kevin Crawford