• The art of interpretation

    Directed by Linda WISE, Natacha CRAWFORD*, Saso VOLLMAIER

    Hours:36 h (9h30-13h&14h30-17h)
    Price:540 €
    Level:Intermediary & advanced
    Workshop Code:A0718AI
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Directed by Linda WISE, Natacha CRAWFORD*, Saso VOLLMAIER

This workshop aims primarily to liberate the creative imagination of each participant to give form to ideas, songs, and texts especially through music, theatre, or dance. Interpretation demands a stimulating synthesis of mind and body – technical control and expressive freedom. The art is the ability to discern, make choices, and accept one’s limitations when confronted by a wealth of material that may emerge during the research process.

Programme: Physical preparation and work using the space – work in small groups – improvisation – individual work on the projects brought by each participant. Please send a letter of motivation and a short CV.

I Source and Expansion:
Daily sessions begin with a progressive physical preparation based on different techniques, which encourage a free and dynamic release of the breath, voice and body : articulation of the spinal column, pelvis, rib cage, etc., as well as a fluid and imaginative relationship to the moving body in space.

II Individual Voice work in small groups.
In voice work, special attention is given to each individual’s voice in both technical and expressive work, adapting to each participant’s professional experience and needs. The aim is for each participant to discover and enrich her/his/their expressive material as well as creating a firm foundation from which to explore and create. Time will be given to exploring the lesser used colours and dynamics of the voice: timbre, textures, and their relationship with sound, singing, text, and emotion. The application of extended voice techniques will be encouraged in improvisations, as well as the flexibility, musicality, and nuance of the melodic voice.

III Preparation of material and Interpretation
The first three afternoons will be dedicated to the musical preparation of the artistic material brought by each participant: choice of tonalities, melodic line, phrasing, rhythm, styles, etc. with particular attention to the musical level of each participant. The last three afternoons will be dedicated to interpretation of the material presented. This is individual work with the support of the group bearing witness.

IV Group singing
The day will end with the whole group together in either harmonic singing or group improvisations.

Please email your letter of motivation, a short CV. and one song, composition, or text, learned by heart to Linda Wise: linda@pantheatre.com at least a week before the workshop begins.


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