• Body-voice workshops and master-class

    Directed by Maryline Guitton

    Organized by:Maryline Guitton (Independent Teacher)
    Dates:All year
    Level:Open to all

Please note all workshops outside of Malérargues are organized independently of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Focus :
Improvisation, Vocal exploration, Physical theatre, Performance, Body work, Movement and voice

5 Body-voice workshops
, Saturday 10h-18h and Sunday 10h-17h

22-23 October 2022, “Extatic voice and dance” with DJ Nadasi

10-11 December 2022, “Voice and meditation” between sounds and silence

18-19 February 2023, “Body voice performance”, dance theatre and vocal improvisation

15-16 April 2023, “Voice and contact dance” with Catherine Kych

17-18 June 2023, “Improvised singing and musicality”, instruments welcome

5 Master-class around vocal techniques
Saturday 14h-18h

17 September 2022 “Exploring speaking voice”

19 November 2022 “Extended voice and spaces of resonance”

21 January 2023 “Tessitura, physiology or technic?”

18 March 2023 “Bridges between head voice and chest voice”

13 May 2023 “Warming up your voice”

More infos : https://marylineguitton.fr/pedagogie/stages/
Contact: maryline.guitton@hotmail.fr