• Residential workshop Body-Voice-Energy

    Directed by Nadine Rodilla & Rowena Meenderman

    Dates:08.08.2022 - 12.08.2022
    Place:La Clairière du soi, 34220 Verreries de Moussans, France
    Price:390 €
    Level:Open to all

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Human Voice, Vocal Exploration

Nadine Rodilla, Rowena Meenderman, formatrice, massothérapeute

Workshop Description:
Biodynamic massages to expand your inner space, improve your flexibility and muscle tonus, and therefore your vibratory capacity, by cleaning up the physical, emotional and mental discordances that prevent you from being in harmony with yourself, other people and the world.

A work on the breath and vocal explorations, collective and individual, to deepen this process of relaxation and harmonization, and express through singing the multiple colours of your voice, which are the many facets of yourselves.

No experience of singing, music or massage is necessary to follow this workshop. Anyone interested in voice work and wishing to feel, know and express themselves better are welcome.

Workshop price

  • 390 € (26 hours of teaching)
  • Vegetarian meals from Monday evening to Friday lunchtime : 160 €;
  • Accommodation (4 nights) : 140 € in 2-bed rooms, 100 € in a 4-bed dormitory, 60 € in on-site camping

The workshop is residential. Accommodation and meals on site are essential.

Inscription & Contact:
+33 7 54 37 42 12 ou lavoiecreatrice@gmail.com (Nadine)
+32 474 28 61 83 ou rowena@meenderman.be (Rowena)