• Power of Voice

    Directed by Ivan MIDDERIGH, Laurent STEPHAN, Ian MAGILTON, Pascale BEN with Siobhán McCann*, Luis Bellón*

    Hours:36 h
    Price:540 €
    Workshop Code:E0417PO

– organisation et inscriptions par Siobhán McCann et Luis Bellón

https://www.midderighvox.com/workshops/pov/  or info@midderighvox.com

The workshop will serve as an introduction to presence and listening using the RHT voice approach with group dynamics as the vehicles for exploration. Participants will experience RHT body work and vocal work each morning with some of the most experienced of the theatre’s teachers. Afternoons will focus on the applications of the morning’s learning in corporate communications and storytelling work led by Ivan, Siobhán and Luis. The evening performances and presentations, as well as the family dinners prepared by Luis and Siobhan, will allow the participants to experience the history, values, and legacy of the Roy Hart Theatre in the company of the teachers and residents of the chateau.