• Myth and Theatre Festival 2019

    Directed by Enrique PARDO & Linda WISE

    Dates:18.06.19 - 30.06.19


2019 Myth and Theatre Festival

“You are a shaman as long as your luck lasts”, Roberte Hamayon, in Hunting the Soul (!)

Chance (French): opportunity.

Suerte (Spanish): sorts and destinies.

Fortuna (Italian): a rich lady passing by.

Lucky : the Princes of Serendip. Always lucky, never seeking it.

Unlucky : the crab of cancer awaits our thoughts on luck and psychosomatics.

How to ‘cultivate’ luck in a performance landscape of such hazards and ideals?

In Voice Performance, Singing and Choreographic Theatre – laboratories and master classes,with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise and invited teachers, performers, musicians and thinkers.
In evening performances, lectures and discussions, with (to be confirmed):

Guest teachers : Daniela Garcia, Didier Monge, Hélène Larrodé

Guest musicians : Pierre-François Blanchard, Nahuel Bustamante, Klaus Fiescher

Guest speakers : Anna Griève, Xavier Papaïs, Sonu Shamdasani, Amy Rome, Maria Fernandez, Kaya Anderson, Catherine Peillon

Guest performances : Bibiana Monje, Hélène Larrodé, Anne Ostergaard

Price :


800€ professional workshops participants

650€ active members and under-26

13 days, 3 days rest (arrivals Monday 17, departures Monday July 1st)

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION directly on : www.pantheatre.com/gb/2-MT19-gb.html