• My Voice

    Directed by Edda Heeg

    Dates:12.05.2022 - 15.05.2022
    Price:395,00€ (including lunch)
    Level:Open to all

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Improvisation, Polyphony, Song & Interpretation, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
The Roy Hart Theatre tradition is based on the premise that every voice has great potential.

In this workshop we will dive intensively into the exploration of the voice and its possibilities of expression. Through contact with the voice, confidence in one’s own personality is strengthened. There is no longer any right or wrong, but only “being in tune with oneself”. This is the way to your own artistic expression.

Please bring a song or text that you have learned by heart.

Further contents of the workshop:
• Body- breathing exercises
• extended voice
• Singing together
• Individual work

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