Directed by Carol MENDELSOHN, Saule RYAN, Joao CHAREPE

    Dates:04.10.18 - 14.10.18
    Price:850 € (workshop + accommodation)
    Workshop Code:E1004FV

Dear All,

In October, 2016, we offered our first Invitational Advanced Vocal Intensive at Malerargues as an alternative to the biannual 4 week program.  It proved to be a valuable experience for those who participated. So from October 4-14, 2018, we will propose another Invitational; this time with Carol Mendelsohn, Saule Ryan and Joao Charepe: musician and newly accredited Roy Hart teacher.

The proposition is to work for 10 days with one day off.  We will take a maximum of 14 participants to allow for a more individual approach. The program will include physical and vocal warm up, singing lessons in small groups and ateliers of music, text and improvisation.  Joao is included as a musician and vocal coach to provide an element of musical and vocal explorations.

We would like for you to bring material that inspires you: songs, poems, texts, themes for improvisation, ideas for individual and/or collaboration with others. We can envision both group and individual creative work.  Please write us if you have something you wish to include in the workshop.

You will be living in the 2 gites as we are including the accommodation in the price of the workshop which is 850 euros. If there are special requests for housing, we will consider them. There will be 2 in each room in the upper gite and 6 or 7 in the lower gite. Both have shared kitchens. Others will be housed in different rooms in the chateau if requested, for an extra 5 euros a night.

You can arrive at Malerargues on Wednesday, October 3, during the day by car, or on the Edgard Bus; A12, that leaves Nimes train station at 17:30 for Saint-Jean-du-Gard and stops at Thoiras. We will pick you up there. If you are coming by plane; let us know if you need a pick up.  It is a good idea to bring some food supplies for the next day as shopping will be arranged in the afternoon.  We will have a light dinner for those who want on Wednesday evening.

It is good to bring an assortment of clothes as this is a transition period for the weather:  rain and possibly chilly in the evenings.  Also bring a towel and a torch.

We are looking forward to working with you here in Malerargues.

Please write to us if you have any questions. ( to carolmendelsohn@hotmail.com) .


Carol, Saule and Joao



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Students are lodged in simple but comfortable shared rooms (called gîtes) with two, three or four beds with bathrooms (showers) and two equipped kitchens. Sheets and blankets are provided.

Please fill in the accompanying enrollment form and include a cheque for 30 euros as a deposit.

You find pictures of the accommodation under this link

Price: 20 euros per night, 25 euros (if heating is needed)

Please note:
1) we do not make or take reservations for participants lodging outside the Centre,
2) we do not have single, private rooms.

For residencies and longer stays it may be possible to rent appartments in the Château – these too also get booked early for the summer.
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  • Please send the enrolment form with a deposit of 300 euros for the workshop & for accommodation in a gîte at Malérargues.
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  • The deadline for withdrawing from a workshop is one month before the start date of a course or workshop. We regret that no re-imbursments of deposits can be made after this date. Prior to this date, the deposit will be re-imbursed less 30 euros for administrative costs.
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  • If you are reserving by the e-mail form below, please be sure to send your deposit on the same day as you send the form. We will temporarily hold you a place for four days.
  • The CAIRH being an association, all workshop participants must be members. The membership fee is €20 per year.


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Les Jardins de Valaurie / Anduze (12 km from the Center)
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