• The Human Voices and Singing

    Directed by Esther Knappe

    Organized by:Aline Schönemann
    Dates:17.02.2023 - 19.02.2023
    Price:230 €
    Level:Open to all

Please note all workshops outside of Malérargues are organized independently of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Find your personal vocal expression through body awareness and playful exploration of new voice colours.

Workshop Description:
Warm-up with movement, breathing exercises and relaxation to prepare the body – our instrument – and feel the source of the voice in the body.

Specific voice training will focus on resonant spaces to develop a vibrant, full and grounded voice.
Explore your timbre and all the colours of your speaking and singing voice and how they blend.
Connect to the intuition of your voice and deepen its expressive potential, allow aspects of the voice to emerge that you may not have thought possible before.

Above all, we will listen for freedom and creative joy. We will play with archetypes, emotions and other stimuli of the imagination.
Then we can incorporate what we discover into our personal projects.
We will also create so-called “soundscapes”, together in the group, and learn a beautiful polyphonic song: this way we can feel our own voices merging with those of others, while remaining fully centred, present and self-aware.

Booking Information and Contact:
Tel. 0043/699/13331080