• Human Voice

    Directed by Maryline Guitton

    Organized by:Maryline Guitton (Independent Teacher)
    Dates:Weekly class
    Place:Paris, France
    Price:50€/session. 5 sessions 200€ full price , 150€ reduced price.
    Participants:4 to 8
    Level:Open to all

Please note all workshops outside of Malérargues are organized independently of the Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Human Voice, Improvisation, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
Every week class. Write an email for more information

ADDRESS: Takes place in Paris. Location to be defined.

These workshops deal with the main aspects of the Roy-Hart voice work, as defined by the Roy-Hart International Artistic Center: “The research and development of each person’s vocal possibilities, improvisations, theatrical and musical games, work on listening to oneself and others, individual and small group work, work on breath, body exercises to prepare the body and search for the dynamic sources of sound”.

Booking Information and Contact:
Maryline Guitton +33 (0)6 63 10 00 83
Plus d’infos sur https://marylineguitton.fr/pedagogie/ateliers/