• Dansexpressie in Malérargues (Canceled)

    Directed by Zwaantje DE VRIES, Rosemarie ANTON*

    Dates:Sept. 2019 - May 2020
    Hours:54 h (each module)
    Price:810 € (by module) (possible to pay in several times)
    Level:Open to all
    Workshop Code:F0910DE

Dansexpressie in Malérargues

Voice and Dance meet

A one-year intensive training

Dates(Malérargues) : 10.09.19 – 19.09.19 and 28.04.20 – 07/05/20

Dansexpressie begins from unique improvisation of the dancer them self. Clear frameworks, based on multiple themes are always given to offer inspiration. Formalising the dance is done by the dancer and through the dance itself. We allow the quality of the theme to dance, rather than our expectations about our physical abilities.

A similar process can be found in the way we work with the voice. Each day will offer sessions of Dansexpressie, individual voice lessons and group work. In every module there will be at least one Roy Hart guest teacher.

Dansexpressie and The Roy Hart Theatre have been working together in Amsterdam, Germany and Malérargues since the late ‘70s. We have experienced over the years how the voice work and the dance are complementary.

We are very happy and looking forward to proceed with that work.

For more information about the history of our cooperation see here:

For Dansexpressie see; https://www.dansexpressie.nl/ and http://www.dansexpressie.org/

For more than 10 years workshops by Edda Heeg, Roy Hart Teacher, and Rosemarie Anton, teacher of Dansexpressie, have been a successful part of the summer program of the C.A.I.R.H.

Dansexpressie classes in Malérargues by Zwaantje de Vries, are equally popular.

Arising from requests from students for a regular program Zwaantje and Rosemarie will start an intensive program:

A years training spread over three sessions of 10 days each.

Each day will offer Dansexpressie classes, individual voice lessons and group work. At every session there will be at least one Roy Hart guest teacher.


Dansexpressie and Roy Hart voice work have proven over the years to be a good match. The two, creative dance and the voice, first met in the end of the 1970s when some of the founding members of the Roy Hart Theatre were invited to Amsterdam to teach at the department of Dansexpressie of the Academy of Performing Arts by the Theatre school in Amsterdam (HKA).

It was love at first sight.

The first RHT teachers that came were Johannes Theron and Ivan Midderigh. Both parties met in the common understanding of an autonomous human being, able to express its own individuality in connection with the world around us.

In 1983 Zwaantje de Vries moved to Hannover, Germany where she created the ‘Am Kanal’ Centre for Art, Philosophy and Health (Centrum für Kunst und Bildung im Gesundheitswesen)

At ‘Am Kanal’ the relationship between the two approaches deepened through the work of several RHT Teachers: Enrique Pardo, Jonathan Hart and most importantly Marita Günther and Robert Harvey who worked there for more than 10 years. They started Teacher training courses in RHT work for advanced students. In the professional training to become a Dansexpressie teacher, in cooperation with The Theatre School in Amsterdam, Roy Hart work was mandatory. Students had to follow workshops in Malérargues and in ‘Am Kanal’, as well as taking individual lessons.

We experienced over the years how the voice work and the dance were complementary.

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Students are lodged in simple but comfortable shared rooms (called gîtes) with two, three or four beds with bathrooms (showers) and two equipped kitchens. Sheets and blankets are provided.

Please fill in the accompanying enrollment form and include a cheque for 30 euros as a deposit.

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Price: 20 euros per night, 25 euros (if heating is needed)

Please note:
1) we do not make or take reservations for participants lodging outside the Centre,
2) we do not have single, private rooms.

For residencies and longer stays it may be possible to rent appartments in the Château – these too also get booked early for the summer.
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