• Creative voice workshop

    Directed by David Goldsworthy

    Dates:08.03.2019 - 10.03.2019
    Place:Bienne (Switzerland)
    Price:CHF 380/ 326€
    Level:Open to all

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Creation, Human Voice, Improvisation, Polyphony, Song & Interpretation, Theater & Textwork, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
This workshop is open to anyone with a serious wish to develop his vocal capacities towards artistic and/or personal objectives, with the “Roy Hart” approach
The man axis is towards developing the singing and speaking voice, and the use of the “extended voice” in improvisations and personal research.

The work is adapted to the level of each participant, who is invited to work on personal material (song, text, story, improvisation etc)
The workshop is convivial and is led in the spirit of learning and discovery

The main lines of work are

  • body and breath awareness
  • vocal technique
  • body and voice improvisation
  • rythme and musicality
  • work on individual songs and/or texts
  • collective songs

Booking Information and Contact:
To enrol, please contact :
An Chen: www.anchen.ch
Tel.: +41 (0)32 389 56 23
Email: an.chen@gmx.ch

For more information concerning the content, please contact me directly
+33 6 72 71 45 96