• Bric à brac

    Directed by Enrique Pardo

    Dates:11.12.2020 - 13.12.2020
    Place:Paris, France
    Price:180 €
    Level:open to all

Bodywork – Movement & Voice, Clowning, Creation, Human Voice, Improvisation, Music & Composition, Pedagogy, Performance Laboratory, Theater & Textwork, Vocal Exploration

Workshop Description:
My role would be that of ARTIFEX: artificer, catalyst, singer and, why not, shaman: “You are a shaman as long as your luck lasts” (Roberte Hamayon). With age, I seem to be getting luckier. This is beautifully described by Florence Dérail, artist and yoga teacher:
“This workshop – Laboratory:
– is not a therapeutic place – despite the benevolence that reigns there,
– it is a place where each participant is placed in a state of hyper-creativity and hyper-receptivity, where intuition is growing at a great speed.
– It is a Laboratory in the strongest sense of the word, i.e. a place of experimentation [for whom? for everyone, including Enrique Pardo]”.

And the voice in all this? “Listening to the voice in speech, that’s what thinking is all about” Giorgio Agamben. And always: “The voice is the muscle of the soul” (H. W. Longfellow) – Roy Hart’s favourite quote. Enrique Pardo

Booking Information and Contact:
Contact: Enrique Pardo