Swan C. Frayne

Theatre practitioner, psychotherapist, researcher
Lives in western Europe (Barcelona, Berlin, Paris)

I seek to rediscover ordinary and popular art – art the service of life, both individual and collective, human and non-human, visible and indivible. My work focuses on reconnecting with dimensions of existence that our Western society neglects: the imaginal and the unspeakable, care and beauty. I am particularly interested in theatrical practice as both catharsis and aeshtetics of existence.

Swan C. Frayne, PhD, is a theatre practionner, researcher, and psychotherapist. Swan trained at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre and wrote his thesis on individual and social transformation at the University of Cambridge after having studied philosophy and theology in Melbourne, Chicago, and Oxford. He is also an accredited yoga, tantra, and pranayama instructor as well as a certified hypnotherapist.

As the echo of breath and the instrument of language, Swan regards the voice as one of the most intimate ways to discover Self and Other. He works with various traditional polyphonic registers, from Georgia to Sardinia, as well as on the space beyond speaking and singing. He is the founder of La Rencontre des REVES, a human rewilding and environemntal art collective, and the director of the Institute of Devotional Arts, which brings together creativity and contemplation.

Swan speaks English, French and Spanish.



L’Institute of Devotional Arts rassemble des artistes, thérapeutes, chercheurs et activistes explorant la relation entre créativité et contemplation.


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