Rosemarie Anton

Dansexpressie Teacher, Non Violent Communication Trainer/ Marshall Rosenberg
Living in Hannover/Germany and Aigina Greece

Dancing my voice and singing my dance brings me in direct contact with my inner space.

I started working primarily with children. I wished to discover the roots of dance. In my lessons, I put aside codes and fixed forms so the children might danse without inhibitions, setting their emotions free. From these experiences, I expanded my work to all ages. My goal is to awaken the childlike joy of dance in adolescents and adults and to accompany and support them through the development of their own personal dance. After a longstanding Roy Hart voice work with Robert Harvey and Marita Günther, I included voice to my dance work.

Rosemarie Anton is:
Graduated as a social education worker
1989-1992 training as a Dansexpressie teacher Zwaantje de Vries, R´douan Baroud
Dansexpressie teacher (freelance) since 1990
Dansexpressie for all ages
Numerous dance productions for children and adults.
Teaching Dansexpressie at University of Hildesheim since 1998.
Working with several open dance and theatre groups as a choreographer.
Stage experience as a dancer in various productions.
Teaching workshops and further training in Germany and abroad, at different institutes: in France and Greece
After her longstanding voice work with Robert Harvey and Marita Günther (Roy Hart work), voice has become another aspect included into her work with dance.

She teaches in German, English, French