Patrick Campbell

Theatre-maker and researcher

My work draws especially on laboratory theatre techniques that can help to discover new ways of connecting body, breath and voice. My approach is “psychophysical”, so that the imagination always comes into play, alongside a growing awareness of the body in action and its connection to vocal research and discovery.

My aim is to help people to develop a greater awareness of their physical presence and of its relationship to their inner world and to vocal expression.

Dr Patrick Campbell is a theatre-maker and researcher, currently a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).
He is the co-author with Margaret, of “Owning our Voices: Vocal Discovery in the Wolfsohn Hart Tradition”.

As an actor, director and performer, he has been involved in Third Theatre practice for thirty years. He has experience in psycho-physical actor training, cross-cultural performance forms, improvisation and ensemble work, design and direction. He is a member of Cross Pollination, a research based performance platform where performers, theatre-makers and researchers work together on the transmission, transformation and generation of knowledge, while exchanging highly specialized techniques.

He has worked with Margaret and other Roy Hart teachers for many years and leads workshops internationally.

Patrick has lived and worked in Brazil for ten years and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.