Michel Borotra

I was born on the 26th of December 1954 in Paris.
From my very childhood, I showed great interest in whatever had to do with movement.
Let me relate one anecdote in connection with my work in Matthias Alexander). I was no more than 6 years old when following my adventurous spirit (like many kids), I found myself at the summit of a immense fir-tree, totally petrified. On top of it, the wind started blowing. Closing my eyes, I was ready to die. But in this desperate situation, through the swinging of the tree, I started to feel the whole tree and via the trunk its roots deep into the ground. My “panic” vanished and I felt safe. I was not bullied around but rocked gently. No longer did I closed my eye, on the contrary. I could enjoy the beauty of the sky. The wind helped me to get into contact not only with the environment but with myself.
Years later, when I was an Alexander teacher, all this came back to my mind. And I said to myself that what offers Alexander technique is not more than this, of course with various aims and other means. Because of this anecdote, I will not go in further explanations about the method (consult websites if needed).
I would sum it up as follows: it is similar as a path of innocence, just like Pascale mentioned about the spirit required in the workshop.
This complicity we have together Pascale and I, is due to this similar approach about this path of innocence. We also focus on the necessity of being aware of what we do.
To follow a path of innocence, to discover yourself to conciliate awareness and spontaneity is what we are offering you in this workshop.


  • Marcel Marceau mimeschool for 2 years
  • Workshops with Philippe Gautier, teacher in Jacques Lecoq Theater school consisting in deep immersion (6 weeks each) in different coulors of drama (melodrama, clown, tradgedy, neutral mask)
  • 3 years training to be a Matthias Alexander teacher (graduated NASTAT)

Profesionnal activities

  • Creates the mime company « BôFlash » with Hannes Flashenberger (actually performing in the company « Complicité » directed by Simon Mac Buzney)
  • Works as an actor with « Compagny Théatre Zéro » directed by Benoît Théberge for four years
  • Teaching mîme (Decroux Technique)
  • Matthias Alexander teacher

Since 1996:

  • Moves to Montpellier
  • Teaches fulltime Matthias Alexander Technique
  • Ski teacher in the Alps (with Matthias Alexander technique approach)