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Mathilde Fabre

Somatic practices teacher, dancer.
Living in Durfort, Gard

Singing for me means connecting with my intimate self. Being entwined with my breath, life’s breath, the breath of living beings. Merging with distant echoes from my deepest hiding place. Surprising myself, huddling down into my own resonances.

The body registers every experience, no matter how remarkable or subtle, and it’s via the body that we perceive and apprehend the world. It’s with our bodies that we relate to others, and that we make our mark in space, in any moment. So physical gesture becomes an extension of who we are, of our heritage, of our potential. A reflection of our inner life. And depending on how aware and available we are, we converse, in space, negotiating with the present moment. I accompany those spaces where we take our time to dive into the rich loam of our body, to taste those moments where we are driven by our deepest movements, making them to be visible, and available to our attention.. And so create an intimacy with our whole being.

Mathilde Fabre first encountered somatics and dance in 2009: this immense universe, which she continues to explore, has revealed the connections and resonances between body and psyche. She loves to work with the notion of emptiness as a rich source of self-expression and creative inspiration. These days she shares her pleasure for dance improvisation, research and creation, aliveness. She runs workshops and courses in various somatic practices (contact-improvisation, Body-Mind Centering and Authentic Movement).

Mathilde teaches in French. She has trained with the following teachers: Mandoline Whittlesey, Anne Expert