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David Young

Alexander Technique teacher, Performance coach
Lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Stopping is a skill to be nurtured and cherished, fundamental in my Alexander Technique and performance coaching work. After various busy careers ranging from performance to artistic direction, social enterprise to gymnastics, I find myself stopping more and more often, and I love helping others incorporate stopping into their lives too.

Creating space to pause, even momentarily, releases enormous potential for freedom and inspiration, whether it is in performance, voice, or life in general. I see myself as a facilitator, accompanying people on their quest for that space, perception, and the capacity to be as they really are and can be.
Collaboration across different artforms and modalities is something that I have explored deeply throughout my working life. The challenge of finding shared vocabularies, bringing together differing views towards the same artistic or other endeavour, has and continues to teach me so much about my own practice, and the power of a partnership or group to shift paradigms and transform reality. My collaboration with Christiane Hommelsheim in Malérargues this year is a great example of this, to which I look forward enormously.

David Young is an Alexander Technique teacher and performance coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He trained, lived and worked as an Alexander Technique teacher in Berlin, before which he was artistic director of Melbourne’s Chamber Made Opera company. In his work David also draws on his experience as a composer, gymnastics coach, social entrepreneur, mental health worker, and meditator.

David Young teaches in Anglais.