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Andrés Zará

Singer, Actor, Voice and Music Teacher
Lives in Santiago, Chile

” A suspended moment of sound coming from lived experience: dreams, thoughts, opinions, emotions, sensations, nourished by pleasures and conflicts. Past and future become present in sound leaving the body, sound coming into oneself. “

I base my philosophy on the essential relationship between professional creative work and the performer’s personal journey. I feel it is vital to propose clear principles and values in the work, allowing us to develop techniques and tools to explore the voice in depth. This process is as important to me as the end result or established goal. The question “How is your voice today?” intrigues me. Learning to sing where you are now, where your instrument wants be. Letting your sound guide you before you start reaching for the voice of your dreams.

ANDRÉS ZARÁ first studied singing and music at Instituto Projazz in Santiago. He currently is the lead singer of “Chileswing,” launching three albums since 2013. A graduate of UNIACC, professional theatre credits include: Annie (Warbucks) and Cats (Rum Tum Tugger), Teatro Municipal de Las Condes; Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus, Teatro Nescafé de las Artes), Man of la Mancha (Quijote, Teatro Municipal de Rancagua), as well as the original Chilean musical La Araucana, with tours throughout Chile. Andrés is member of Aranwa, a theatre company for babies and toddlers touring in Santiago, Buenos Aires and Mexico. He has worked internationally with Pantheatre since 2009, and has taught singing at Projazz, Escuela Moderna, U. Mayor, UNIACC, and U. del Desarrollo. He is co-director of RUMBOS LABORATORIO ARTÍSTICO VOCAL.