“Tumultes” Festival

Two days devoted to sound

Who: Collectif Ondes sonores / Centre Artistique International Roy Hart

Date / Time:
Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June 2022, at the Château de Malérargues, Thoiras, France

Prices: from 8€

The Tumultes festival will be held on June 4 and 5, 2022 in Malérargues: two days devoted to sound – the sounds of the voice, of the world, of cinema, of trees or of music via concerts, sound walks, ornithological initiations – and to stories – of the garbage collectors of Nantes and a Brussels organist, a letter found by chance and bunkers on the edge of the Atlantic, public squares, raw boilers. The festival will make heard fragments of independent and self-produced contemporary radio and sound creation, and promote collective or local productions: other voices, other rumours, other gestures.

We at the Roy Hart Centre are looking forward to hosting the 0 edition of Tumultes. It is a wonderful collaboration between the Ondes Sonores collective and the “Roy Harts” as they call us. From their first visit in the summer of 2021, we had a sense that something deeply creative and joyful was happening.

Their passion is sound: listening and making heard outside of the box. So of course we opened the doors wide. And the forest paths. Tumultes is a wonderful opportunity to share the spaces of Malérargues, to meld our stories, and to open ourselves to other sounds.


“I love this dizzying journey between over forty years into the past and what I already consider forty years into the future: the Tumultes festival and its trajectory that brings together our geographical and emotional place, with their wishes and hopes for sound creation, for CREATION quite simply. Magnificent! I’m just so happy.” (Pascale Ben, Roy Hart Theatre member, actor and singer. Writes Pocket Miracles)

You can see the programme here: http://tumultes.org

Don’t forget to register for the free workshops (sound creation and voice) if you wish to participate.
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Please don’t hesitate to spread the word without reservation, and to support the festival financially so that it can grow and thrive and contribute to the flourishing of the CAIRH and of Malérargues.

Contact / Reservations:
Online ticketing: http://tumultes.org