Viviane Gay

Actress-singer, vocal and theater teacher

Viviane Gay is one of the founding members of the theater company the Cie Patte Blanche, company of which she is the artistic director since 2006. She comes to know of Roy-Hart’s voice work in 2012 in Paris through Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo (Pantheatre) and then discovers the International Roy Hart Center and its many teachers and teaching(s). In 2016, she moves to Malérargues with her family and in August 2017 she becomes part of the CAIRH Administration Board. Along with her tours, she gives a weekly voice atelier on Friday morning at the Roy Hart Center in Malérargues in the Cévennes.

My work is inspired by the work of Roy Hart and Alfred Wolfsohn related to the search for our voice. Voice composed of multiple colors and textures, expressions of the human soul. The body supports the breath that allows the voice to express itself. The voice as an extension of the impulses of the body. An invitation to travel towards ourselves with our voices through our body.