• Myth and Theatre Festival 2017

    Directed by Enrique Pardo & Linda Wise

    Dates:18.06.17 - 02.07.17
    Price:650€ - 950€
    Level:Cultural & Performative
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    you can sign up here for this workshop outside Malérargues. You will receive a confirmation from us, that we received our registration.
    But please note, that this workshop is not organized by the CAIRH directly. So you will receive a message from the host of the workshop to confirm your registration. If there are any uncertainties or questions, please contact the host or the teachers of the workshop directly. Thank you!
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Voice & Choreographic Theatre: workshops and master classes during the day.

Cultural Studies & Mythology: lectures and performances in the evenings.

Theme of the Festival

Tiresias : Oracular Voice – Blind Seer – Transsexual

  • Oracular Voice.
    The importance of oracular models, and of mantics in performance. If the voice is always a dream”: how to listen to it, how to interpret it?
  • Blind Seer.
    To be on stage is to be inside image, inside the dream, and therefore somehow to be a “blind seer”. How to understand one’s place in image, how to take position – and find one’s voice?
  • Transsexual.
    In the depths of our intuitive memories, we know that Tiresias’ clairvoyance is related to his shamanic metamorphoses – to transsexuality.



15 days with 5 rest half-days. 6 hours of workshops per day + lectures and performances in the evenings.

Partial participation possible. Consult us. pan@pantheatre.com

950€ Normal
800€ professional projects members
650€ active membres and under 26

Registration: write to PANTHEATRE pan@pantheatre.com. Include a brief CV and a letter of motivation if you have not worked before with Pantheatre. Registration is done through PANTHEATRE (and not through the Roy Hart Centre inscription form.)

PANTHEATRE www.pantheatre.com

In collaboration with:

    • Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
    • La Mairie de Lasalle / La Galerie du Petit Temple
    • Univ. of Central Lancashire UK. School of Film, Media & Performance. Dr. Amy Rome
    • The members of the Paris Choreographic Theatre Laboratory
    • Le Club del Pescado