• Ian Magilton at Teatro Scimie

    Directed by Ian Magilton

    Dates:31.03.17 - 02.04.17
    Level:Open to all
    Dear participant,
    you can sign up here for this workshop outside Malérargues. You will receive a confirmation from us, that we received our registration.
    But please note, that this workshop is not organized by the CAIRH directly. So you will receive a message from the host of the workshop to confirm your registration. If there are any uncertainties or questions, please contact the host or the teachers of the workshop directly. Thank you!
    With our best regards from the CAIRH!

“The central, unifying theme will be “voice”,
from there I will aim to help each participant take a significant step of their own. In three short and intensive days.”

Ian Magilton

The workshop will take place in:
Spazio Scimmie Nude,
Piazza Giovanni Perego 11,
20154 – Milan.

Friday 31st March: 8.00pm to 10.30pm
Saturday 1nd and Sunday 2nd April: 11.00am to 7.00pm

Spoken language: English, French, Italian
For further information: info@scimmienude.com